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Making of "Can Pasta Hold Your Weight?"

Episode Summary

We go behind-the-scenes of Vsauce2's latest video which took them all the way to Italy...

Episode Notes

Given an opportunity to make almost any video, Kevin and Matt journeyed to Rome, Italy to build a chair out of pasta. On an incredibly tight timeline, the guys assembled a team from around the world and overcame a ton of obstacles to make it happen. In this episode, we talk about the making of "Can Pasta Hold Your Weight?" and how it was a microcosm for life as a creator.

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In a span of only around two weeks, Matt and Kevin coordinated a video shoot at an AirBnb on the other side of the globe with a team from Hungary (meet Norbi and Johnny), the United Kingdom, and three different states. The logistics are mind-boggling. Along the way, they got stranded at the Pasta store, tore into some light stands, and became legendary epoxy smugglers. Get a detailed view of what goes into a shoot like this and what it says about the creator life.

We also take a behind-the-scenes look at a surprise the guys have been cooking up for Patrons, and Matt tells us why he's the world's worst airline passenger (it has to do with a song). We've also got a story about Dom Burgess from Every Think.

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